ECF System Requirements

  • Personal Computer (PC clone/Apple Macintosh)
  • An Internet connection
  • A browser which has been certified for use with ECF:
    1. Mozilla Firefox (versions 3.5 and greater)
    2. Apple Safari (versions 4.x and greater)
    3. Internet Explorer (versions 7.x and greater
  • Adobe Acrobat® 6.0 or higher.  To view and print documents, only Adobe Reader® is required, but in order to create Adobe PDF (portable document format) files, the complete Adobe Acrobat software package (includes Reader and Writer) must be installed on the computer .*
  • Scanner for imaging documents which do not exist in electronic format.

*Apple Macintosh users running MacOS® 10.x or later do not require the complete Adobe Acrobat product.

If you have a question regarding the system requirements, please contact your system administrator.  If you require assistance in filing an ECF case document, consult the ECF Rules and Instructions or contact the ECF Help Desk (212) 805-0800.