(Rev. 1/3/2023)

1. Please submit requests for certificates of good standing or a wall certificate by electronically filing the request form (located in the forms section of the website) in miscellaneous case number 1:24-mc-2. In CM/ECF using the appropriate event “Certificate of Good Standing Request” or “Wall Certificate Request” which are located under Civil>Other Filings>Attorney Admissions Events. Please complete all fields in the filing event. The Certificate of Good Standing will be emailed to you and the Wall Certificate will be mailed to you.

2. You must include your SDNY Bar ID number on the form.

If you were admitted prior to 2001, your SDNY Bar ID is your first & last initials and the last four digits of your social security number, e.g. AB1234. 

If you were admitted between 2001 and October 6, 2018, your SDNY Bar ID is your first last initials and the four numbers you selected when you submitted as the time of your admission. If you do not know your SDNY Bar ID please send an email to Help_Desk@nysd.uscourts.gov. Your email request must include:

  • The attorney’s full name
  • The firm name
  • The last four digits of the social security number
  • The state bar number
  • The attorney’s e-mail address

If the request is received during business hours, you should receive a response the same day.

If you were admitted after October 6, 2018, your SDNY Bar ID is your NYS Bar number.

3. Do not mail the form or deliver this form to Attorney Services. It can only be filed on CM/ECF using your own individual Pacer account. Any mailings requesting certificates will be returned to you. Attorneys who are admitted pro hac vice are not fully admitted to the court and are not eligible to receive a certificate.

4. After you have made your Certificate of Good Standing request on CM/ECF, you will receive your Certificate of Good Standing via your email that we have on record for you. If you have not received your certificate by the next business day, please check your spam and junk email to ensure the certificate is not there. If you still cannot locate the COG request, please email the Help Desk with your name, the date you made your request along with the receipt number. Our email is: Help_Desk@nysd.uscourts.gov.

(Note: When making the request, please ensure that you go through the entire docketing event until the message appears that this entry has been docketed on CM/ECF)