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Information for Counsel in September 11 Litigation

Unless otherwise noted, all hearings and conferences will be held in Judge Hellerstein’s courtroom, 14D, 500 Pearl Street.

Cases involving claims arising out of, resulting from, or relating to the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of September 11, 2001 and naming an airline, an airport security company, and/or The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have been consolidated for discovery and other pre-trial proceedings. Honorable Alvin K. Hellerstein, District Judge, is presiding. Counsel in such cases should familiarize themselves with Judge Hellerstein’s Rules of Practice and Rules for Sept. 11 Consolidated Cases, as well as his rulings relating to the September 11 Litigation.

Filing of Correspondence

There has been some confusion about how parties in all cases pending before Judge Hellerstein related to the September 11 Litigation should file documents with the Court.

  • In the 21 MC 100 (respiratory injury) and the 21 MC 101 (personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage) cases, ALL CORRESPONDENCE should be sent through electronic case filing (ECF). Any hard copies of documents sent to chambers will be rejected for failure to comply with this rule, except for courtesy copies delivered in accordance with Judge Hellerstein’s Individual Rule 2(C).
  • All correspondence in all other tracks of the 9/11 litigation remains the same.
Images of certain orders affecting procedures and case management, and certain opinions, are accessible via the following hyperlinks. These documents and orders are also accessible via RSS.