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The Southern District of New York has implemented the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system and publishes Electronic Case Filing Rules and Instructions to assist attorneys practicing in the Southern District. Attorneys must register in advance to obtain a user id and password which serves as the attorney’s signature when filing documents electronically. The system requirements are minimal and inexpensive.

To view the most recent entries made on the Court's Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system, go to

Benefits of filing electronically using ECF include:

  • 24-hour access to file or view documents via the Internet
  • Automatic email notice of case activity
  • Ability to immediately download or print updated docket sheets and documents
  • Concurrent access to case files by multiple parties
  • Storage of paper files that may be misplaced or lost
  • Potential savings in copying, courier and noticing fees

Hands-on training for attorneys and staff is provided by the Court. Please see the course schedule for the next available ECF Training opportunity.

Please keep in mind that you should not include sensitive information in any document filed with the Court unless its inclusion is necessary and relevant to the case.

For assistance in filing ECF cases, contact the ECF Help Desk. For assistance in filing non-ECF cases, contact the Clerk’s Office.