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Law Clerk Hiring Information

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In light of the fact that a number of courts and judges are no longer following the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan, the judges of this Court recognize that there is uncertainty and misinformation among law students as to the timing and process for clerkship applications. Although most judges of this Court continue to adhere to the core of the Hiring Plan, there is some variation among judges. In order to increase transparency, the Court has created this webpage to allow judges to post information regarding their law clerk vacancies and hiring practices.

Accordingly, using the links below, prospective law clerk applicants may obtain information about the clerkship positions currently available with individual judges on this Court as well as those judges’ application requirements and hiring schedules. Additional information may also be available on the Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR).

In the event a judge’s name does not appear among the links below, prospective applicants should check OSCAR and/or contact that judge’s chambers for information.

Law Clerk Hiring Information for Individual Judges