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New applicants to the bar are expected to be familiar with Local Civil Rule 1.3, Admission to the Bar.

In accordance with Local Civil Rule 1.3, new applicants to the Bar are directed to file an application in both electronic and printed paper forms. The application package contains the form and printed instructions. Please carefully read the instructions and then complete the form.

The electronic form requires that attorneys:

  • Complete each section of Part A on-line
  • Print a paper copy and then
  • Submit the form on-line via computer.
  • Complete the printed paper copy, have it notarized in Part B and Part C of the application, enclose the payment, enclose a self addressed envelope, and then mail it to either the courthouse located in New York or White Plains.

The Clerk of Court will return your payment receipt in your self addressed envelope. Your swearing in date will be listed on your payment receipt.

For new applicants, completing this one attorney admissions application will also generate a password for Electronic Case Filing (ECF). (If an attorney is already admitted to this Bar or has been admitted Pro Hac Vice and requires only an ECF password, please visit the ECF Registration page.)

Waiver Of Admission From
The Eastern District Of New York

Applicants, must complete an on-line petition for admission. Completing this one attorney admissions application will also generate a request for a password for Electronic Case Filing (ECF). Please be advised that a sponsor is not necessary. You must appear, in person, with the following documents:

Ceremonial Swearing-In

Applicants may choose to be sworn-in either in New York or White Plains.

The following information is for New York only:

A ceremony is held before a U.S. District Judge. The attorney must be accompanied by the sponsor who completed the sponsor’s affidavit section of the attorney admissions application. Attorneys wishing to reschedule a ceremony for the first time may do so by emailing Attorney Services at Any further requests to reschedule a ceremony must be in writing addressed to Attorney Services, United States District Court, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007.

The following information is for White Plains only:

In White Plains attorneys may be sworn in during business hours in the Clerks Office. There is no ceremony and the sponsor does not need to appear.